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Laboratory Winch Manufacturer In India

Laboratory Winch Manufacturer In India

Laboratory Winch is an ideal machine for processing of hanks as well as small meters of light weight delicate woven fabrics or knitted fabric samples Processing is carried out in relaxed conditions with minimum tension on the sample being processed. Handle, feel & luster of sample are retained.

Processes such as desizing, scouring, bleaching, dyeing, washing off & finishing applications can be carried out in the machine. Machine is also suitable for degumming & dyeing of silk.

Fabric samples which can withstand creasing in rope form processing can be processed in Lab Winch. Machine shape is specially designed for easy transportation of fabric rope & reel is detachable type for insertion of hanks. Arrangement for making addition is provided. Viewing window is provided.

Machine is most suitable for testing of dyes & auxiliaries, for testing dyebility of yarn or fabric, for shade matching & standardizing of recipe & for dyeing of small meterages of fabric samples for garment designing.

Specifications :
  • Material of construction : SS 316.
  • Liquor capacity : 9Litres / 19Litres.
  • Electrical supply : 220Volts AC single phase / 415 Volts AC Three phase.
  • Heating : Immersion heater 3KW. / 4.5KW.
  • Maximum temperature : 95 degree c
  • Winch speed : Model with fixed as well variable speed available
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