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Laboratory Jigger Machine Supplier In Mumbai

Laboratory Jigger Machine Supplier In Mumbai

Laboratory jigger machine suitable for dyeing of cotton, Linen, Viscose, Rayon, Blended fabrics with dyestuff such as Direct, Acid, Basic, Aoics, Reactive up to a temperature of 95 degree centigrade.

Fully automatic operation of temperature, direction reversal speed of fabrics.

Differential gear box for uniform speed. Adjustments for fabric tension.Tale top model.

This is a Laboratory Jigger Machine for processing of open width fabric at atmospheric pressure,processes such as Bleaching and dyeing at low liquor ratio can be carried out, exactly simulating the bulk production jigger machines.

The operation of the Laboratory Jigger is fully automated heating through Temperature controller PC-07 having rate of heating and hold time.The tension on fabric is adjustable to the required levels by the tension control knob.The dye bath and all parts that come in contact with dye liquor are made in SS 316 material.

The dye bath is with tapered section to keep the liquor volume low. The fabrics carrier frame is easily removable for cleaning and threading the fabric. A hood with inspection window on the dye bath, keep the liquor losses down.

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